Our activity in the field of real estate law includes traditional sales and purchase transactions for the direct sale and purchase of real properties, as well as real property sales and acquisition within the framework of transfer of assets, both in Hungarian and English. We are proud to have among our clients private individuals and companies, including real estate developers predominant in the market, such as a multinational company primarily engaged in the purchase, construction, and operation of office buildings in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe.

We continue to help our clients even after the closing of the abovementioned transactions; with our business partners, we can provide support in the maintenance and utilisation of acquired real properties (primarily office buildings); therefore, we undertake to draft bilingual contracts and conduct negotiations.

We gladly participate in construction projects, also in two languages; we are well aware of, happily use, and have good experience with the FIDIC international suite of contracts, which is lesser known in Hungary, but which provides the parties with a balanced contractual relationship.

We are proud to have participated in the construction of several ‘A-level’ office buildings in Budapest, with the application of these international contracts, from the very beginning, through the finishing touches, to the signing of the lease contracts. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of a constructive investment, and see how the first earthworks turn into an office building with a capacity of more than 10,000 m2.

We know the expectations of both the clients and the contractors, the system of securities, and the rules of liability. With this knowledge, we are able to guide our clients from the acquisition of the potential building site to the utilisation of the total capacity of the investment.