With the cooperation of its partners, dr. M. Molnár Law Firm renders services in Hungarian and English language to private persons and companies primarily in the field of real estate law, company law, and family law, as well as the regulation of non-profit organisations.

Our partnership offers services to domestic and international clients; and in addition to our main languages, Hungarian and English, we provide our clients with solutions in French as well.

Our youthful and dynamic team believes in a spirited, business-oriented approach, and with this in mind, we strive to perform tasks by providing practical solutions and always focusing on the client’s objectives.

We like to work in a friendly atmosphere; we strongly believe that good ambiance contributes to productivity; therefore, we communicate with our clients in this spirit, and we are convinced that it is possible to be innovative, creative, cheerful, but professional at the same time.

We would like to welcome our current and future clients.



dr. Viktória M. Molnár & dr. Kata Alíz Musulin & dr. Adrienn Gazsi lawyers